A Father-Son Duo Keeps the Barbecue Station Relevant

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Texas was in the midst of a massive oil bust in the late eighties, and Bobby Peacock was bored out of his mind. “There’s nothing worse in the oil business than when nobody’s doing business,” he said. “You just sit there.” After two decades in petroleum, he felt it wise to seek another revenue stream. While traveling to small towns in Texas and Louisiana to make oil deals, Peacock became a barbecue connoisseur. “Anytime I saw smoke, I’d stop,” he said, and after so many visits, he thought running a barbecue joint “can’t be that hard.” Fittingly, Peacock found a building for sale that had been an Exxon gas station on the north side of San Antonio, and opened the Barbecue Station in 1992.

Barbecue Station Team
— Daniel Vaughn

SA Express News Review - Mar 2013

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There's something almost awe-inspiring about a mahogany skin on a perfectly smoked chicken. It's slightly crisp and a bit chewy, delivering a few moments of transcendence with each bite.

A well-seasoned crust on brisket is a thing of beauty. Here, it's part of a two-meat plate.
— Edmund Tijerina

SA Flavor Review

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Texas is known for having good BBQ, but you have probably noticed that I have not had too many articles written about BBQ on the blog. The reason being is that I am so surrounded by such good Mexican food that I tend to concentrate on that style of cuisine.

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— Garrett Heath

San Antonio Tourist Blog

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The Barbecue Station, 1610 N.E. Loop 410, inside the loop between the Nacogdoches and Harry Wurzbach exits, is the one place where my family intentionally falls off the eat-no-red-meat wagon. We can live without hamburgers, steaks and ribs, but when it comes to brisket that’s been smoked to perfection and sliced into thin, toothsome strips, our willpower fades away.

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— Denise Richter

78209 Magazine Review

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There’s a certain expectation Texans have when it comes to what qualifies as good barbecue. As a group, born-and-raised Southerners are pretty picky about the unofficial dish of the Lone Star State. However, at the Barbecue Station, no one knows or respects this time-honored dish more than Bobby and Stewart Peacock.

BBQ Station interior
— Haylee Uptergrove

KSAT 12 Interview for 2016 BBQ Month

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The Peacock family opened up the Barbecue Station back in the early 90's. "My parents started in 92," owner Stewart Peacock said. "Dad was in the oil business and traveled to a lot of small towns and just loved eating BBQ." Inside you can find the old service bays transformed into the dining area and also you can find familiar faces. The majority of the staff has been around for years.

TV hosts
— Erica Hernandez

Southwest Food Service News - Sept 2014

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— Southwest Food Service News


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